Saturday, April 24, 2010

Greetings from Swirling Ink!

My name is Lynn Falkow-Short.   I am a paper crafter and mixed media artist. Most of my creative time is in working with alcohol inks combining elements of scrapbooking, journaling, book and card making.

For close to 25 years, until January of 2010, I worked as a medical social worker. About a year ago, I became ill with fibromyalgia and diabetes. After unsuccessfully trying to manage these challenges and still work full-time, I wound up deciding to take some time off in an effort to regain control of my health issues. As stressful and frightening as this was initially, I have been able to find a wonderful silver lining in the form of paper crafting and mixed media arts as a counter to all of the anxiety, stress and even depression that I was experiencing.

I was never someone who felt especially artistic. Although very musically inclined, I could barely make a stick figure when putting pen to paper. A few years ago I discovered that I actually had some creative abilities, and beginning with a scrap booking class, and I eventually found myself working with every product I could afford, ultimately developing a technique that is completely new and unique!

This blog features some of my musings as a “new” mixed media artist. I have developed a strong interest in working with alcohol inks and have a large collection of inks from the Adirondack, Jacquard, Copic and many of the old fashioned Tria refills (pre-cartridge). I find that these inks create amazingly vivid and intensely colored creations. Much to my surprise and delight, it appears that I have developed a unique method of marbling with alcohol inks and some other unusual items, and the results are something I’ve never seen anywhere else. I’ll be sharing some of the results and will be asking for feedback soon.

More than discussing the tools of my creations, I am interested in exploring the emotional side of putting art out there for one of the very first times. For me this has been wildly personal, confusing and at times frightening. I'm eager to hear the insights of others on this topic.  Looking forward to an exciting exploration!

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